Meet the Leadership

Meet the Leadership

Friends of Fakahatchee: Dedicated to financial and volunteer support to preserve the unique ecology and cultural heritage of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and educate the public about its importance.

Meet the Board

Members are elected to the board each April for 2-year terms. Board members come from a wide variety of backgrounds including education, the professions, tourism, business, and volunteerism.

Our Board activities are governed by a Board Code of Ethics. Click here to download.

If you would like to serve on the Board or our committees, contact Francine Stevens at (239) 695-1023.

Board Members

President – Patrick Higgins
Vice-President – Glen Stacell
Secretary – Ken Shapiro
Treasurer – Scott Geltemeyer

Chris Gair
Paul Joslyn
Don Leonard
Tom Maish
Gayle Norton
Andrew Tyler

Ex-Officio Board members
Bruce Bunch
Dennis Giardina
John Kaiser

Executive Director
Francine Stevens

Committee Chairs

Boardwalk Expansion Vision – Tom Maish
Communication/PR – Bruce Bunch
Tours/Education/Interpretation – Patrick Higgins
Events – Francine Stevens
Fundraising – Chris Gair
Finance – Treasurer Scott Geltemeyer
Governance – Ken Shapiro
Membership Secretary – Marya Repko

The Mel Finn Award

The Mel Finn Award goes to individuals who have given their time to benefit the Fakahatachee and who, as it states on the award, “reflect the spirit of the founding father of the FSSP.” Read more about Mel Finn and the award in his honor here. Read more about 2017 recipient here.

Recipients of The Mel Finn Award to date are:
2018 TBD
2017 Dino Barone
2016 Patrick Higgins
2015 Howard Lubel
2014 Bill Mesce
2013 Glen Stacell
2012 Caryl Tilden
2011 Tom Maish
2010 Marya Repko
2009 Nelson Tilden
2008 Allen Caldwell
2007 John Elting
2005 Franklin Adams
Barbara Lewinski
Elsa Caldwell
Dennis Marlin
Roger Dykstra
Don Harmon