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Best Drive on the Wild Side – Janes Scenic Drive

FOF September 18, 2014 News and Events

Florida Weekly “Best” edition — May 9-15, 2013

Photo by Stephen Greene

Photo by Stephen Greene

A weathered shell road that begins in Copeland south of Immokalee and ends in Picayune State Park, Janes Scenic Drive, wends through some of the most unique wild land in Southeast Florida.  It’s an old cypress logging trail, left over from a time when giant trees were felled and dragged from the Fakahatchee Strand. The area has been itself for 6,000 years, and shows its age.  Panther, bear, gators, and a myriad of other wildlife of the flying, crawling, and slithering call it home.  Janes Scenic Drive can be accessed by car or foot, and is a must-see for those searching for the wild things.