Financial and volunteer support to preserve the unique ecology and cultural heritage of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and to educate the public about its importance.

North Carolina Outward Bound School

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ncobs-logoFor over 50 years, NC Outward Bound School (NCOBS) has been delivering challenging outdoor adventure programs for people of all ages and walks of life. Every Outward Bound course is built around a progression that delivers powerful life lessons by encouraging participants to safely and confidently step outside their comfort zones while traveling in spectacular wilderness areas.

Although NCOBS began in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, it has since expanded to include course areas in:

Outer Banks, NC
Fakahatchee Preserve in the Western Everglades, FL
Central Rivers, FL
Ten Thousand Islands, FL
Patagonia, South America.

The distinction – training through rather than for the wilderness is at the essence of the Outward Bound dynamic. The sea, mountains and rivers provide training that no institute or university can offer. These landscapes, in tandem with Outward Bound principles, teach the hard, technical skills necessary for survival, but also teach the relevant skills necessary for life.

North Carolina Outward Bound School is a non-profit organization and is proud to be part of an national network of Outward Bound schools in the US and all over the world. Outward Bound entities collectively serve around a quarter of a million people a year in over 30 countries and has reached over seven million people in its 70-year history.

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